Fever Dream EPK

Fever Dream is a band with collective musical influences from rock, ska, punk, jazz, and reggae. based out of Orange County California, they have been locally making a name for themselves, and slowly spreading into Los Angeles County with their catchy, high-energy tunes. Fever Dream is a simple four-piece band of multi-talented artists. Starting with the lead-singer, with a comparisons to the likes of Gwen Stefani, Alexis can project a powerful voice shimmering hints of Janice Joplin. Iggy is the definition of super chill and laid-back whose guitar playing and personality transpires into smooth silk on stage. Then, there is Eric: powerful, beast of a bass player whose flair  sets the foundation for the band. He blows the saxophone like a category 5 hurricane, too. combine all that with Devin… The drummer who is an animal that is impossible to contain on the drum-set or trumpet. His explosive and passionate style fuels the intense fire that is Fever Dream!

Since then, Fever Dream has been creating fun, unique ska-infused tunes and gigging around the Southern California area.

Contact Info:

Email: FeverDreamOC@gmail.com

Phone / Text: 310-946-2055

Social Media:

Instagram: @FeverDreamOC
Twitter: @FeverDreamOC

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