About Fever Dream

Fever Dream is a simple yet dynamic six piece band of multitalented artists with collective musical influences from rock, ska, punk, jazz, funk, and reggae. Based out of Orange County California, Fever Dream has been locally making a name for themselves, with their catchy, high energy tunes.

Starting with our lead singer, tiny and soft spoken, with comparisons to the likes of Gwen Stefani at first sound, Alexis can also project a powerful voice shimmering hints of Janice Joplin. Yu-hi, our lead guitar player is the quiet spoken one of the band and is the definition of super chill. But make no mistake as his true voice is projected through the smooth hypnotizing sounds of his guitar. Then, with Eric who’s stature equates to powerful and dominant is an actual teddy bear and a beast of a bass player whose flair and power sets the foundation for the band. Devin is the drummer who is vicious and impossible to contain like an animal in a cage raging on the drum set. His explosive and passionate style fuels the intense fire and heat that you feel as your heart beats and you move your feet. Rounding out the band are Steve on Trumpet and Abe on Tenor Saxophone, bringing the melodic and groovy horn riffs and adding that extra punch only a strong horn section can. Combine all this together and you get the fun and unique sound that is Fever Dream.

Fever Dream has had the pleasure of performing with artists such as The Aggrolites, Less Than Jake, and The Bastard Suns just to name a few .

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